Care Instructions

Caring for your garments

At Top Drawer we understand that you would like these beautiful Pluto and Zimmerli garments to be part of your loungewear and sleepwear wardrobe for many wears. Whilst we cannot guarantee that, to have the garments stay as soft and lovely as possible we recommend the following tips for taking care of them: 

•    Don’t forget the garments are made of soft, quality materials that need to be treated gently.
•    Always wash the garments in cold water.
•    There is no need to hand wash the garments, however if you do use a machine use the “delicate” machine-wash option with the        garments placed in a washing bag.
•    Using a mild detergent will be much gentler on your garments and help them stay in pristine condition.
•    When you hang your garments to dry, keep them away from sunlight which can cause colours to fade.
•    Avoid using the dryer as it’s very harsh on these luxurious fabrics and may make them feel less soft to the touch. 

For more information, refer to the garment care tags on the individual pieces. 

We hope you enjoy your purchase.